Friday, October 1, 2010

French Provincial Coffee Table and End Tables Set

This coffee table came from an estate sale.  The price tag was $5!

The top was beat up a bit, so after sanding it down, I filled the little divits and holes with wood filler and then sanded it down again.

Here is the table after priming, white paint, distressing and RL tea-stained glaze-

The next 2 side tables were $15 for both at a yard sale.  I scored some other great finds at that yard sale, too!

Both tables got the same treatment as the coffee table.  They look like this now!

                                                         Here they are, altogether -

      I love the lines on them!  All three of these sold just today!


Restyled Vintage said...

Wow, they are gorgeous. I love your idea of selling things as a set, I have never really thought of doing that!

xx Karen

Anna See said...

When you glaze, do you add a color to clear glaze, or is it already mixed? Thanks!

Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

Hi Anna,
On this set I used Ralph Lauren Glaze in Tea-Stained. At Home Depot you just grab a can of the glaze, and then they add the brown pigment to it.

I also just did a piece using dark walnut Minwax stain. I really liked this way because it wasn't as messy.

I know that Sharon at Elizabeth & Co. (she is listed in my Faves) uses the Valspar glaze and then just mixes in her own color - that way you can have any color glaze you want!

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