Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Fun

The kids and I decorated our front porch a few weeks ago.  They get soooo excited for Halloween!  You can't really see their handiwork too much - they were in charge of spreading the fake spider webs all around.  They go nuts for that stuff!

The white address pumpkins  - I got them last year on clearance.  They started out brown.  I spray painted them the oh-so-popular Heirloom White and then glazed them with my RL tea-stained.  I just painted on the numbers with some left over black paint and then dipped the end of a pencil eraser in orange paint for the polka dots.  Did I mention I LOVE polka dots?

Isn't Mrs. Potato Head pumpkin cute?  I love it because you don't have to carve anything.  You just poke holes in the pumpkin where you want to put the pieces, and then you stick them in.  This is my daughter's pumpkin!

We made these purple bats yesterday.  I found them on clearance last year at JoAnne's.  They are just little plastic bags that are stuffed with about 3 plastic grocery bags. We are going to hang them in our tree in the front!

Pretty cute!

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