Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today my thrift store partner (Little Maya) and I went looking for some treasures at the thrift stores.  She loves thrift shopping as much as I do, so we have great fun treasure hunting at least once a week. 

I, of course, was looking for furniture for my redos, and Maya was looking for My Little Pony accessories.  :)  Neither one of us did very well today, but I did find three of these adorable polka dot plates.  I LOVE polka dots!!

I thought other polka dot lovers might enjoy some of these little items we have tucked around our kitchen and dining area ~

Usually, we keep our bananas in here - I need to go to the grocery store!

The black and white bag was our swim bag this summer!

Maya likes to have tea parties with this!

I made these awning-style curtains a while back - don't look too close, it's not pretty!

                        I painted these little button things to attach to the screws that hold the awning up~

About a year ago I painted these stools my mom gave me. They are looking pretty scruffy.  Can you see the little polka dots on the lower half?  I just used the eraser end of a pencil dipped in paint to make the dots!
Everything except for the curtains and stools Maya and I found at the thrift shops!  Our whole house is decorated exclusively with all of our thrift store treasures or hand-me-down items!  I love them!

In non-polka dot related news, Maya wanted to show what she scored at the thrift shop last week- for those of you not in the My Little Pony loop, it's the Crystal Rainbow Castle.  :)
We couldn't get the third floor to pop open at first, so I looked online to find directions.  This thing retails for $450, people! (I know, seriously?) She scooped it up for $4! 


Uptown Antiques said...

I just popped in here from another blog and before I knew it, I'd read your entire blog! What a lot of fun! You do a very nice job.

Chrissie said...

Ooooo I love polka dots. Those curtains are fabulous! Inlove the buttons~

Artichoke Alley said...

Wow!! Great finds and I have a little princess here that would be SO jealous of the castle!!! Thank you for sharing and for your sweet comments on my dresser.

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